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2019: solo motorcycle camping in Idaho

BMW Airhead: Certified Cult Member

When I was young, I was the proud owner of a ‘71 BMW R75.  An ‘airhead.’  When not in class or working, I’d strap my big, old Kelty external frame pack on the back and be gone.  Ultimately,  I had to sell my airhead to pay tuition, which left a hole in my being.   A while back, 40+ years later, I finally replaced it with this ’86 BMW R80.  My new old ‘airhead.’

It took me a couple of years to get the bike back in shape, and then I had to put together a whole new motorcycle camping kit.  The Kelty backpack is long gone, but my old original green Gerry goose down mummy bag is still with me.  

This summer, 45 years later, I finally got back out into the mountains on my new old airhead!  These photos are from camping along the Warm River in Idaho.

Old, simple and low-tech: the description applies equally well to both bike and rider.

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