Koh Mak 2019-2020: More, more… more (Part 1 – Green View Village, Mak Resort & Little Moon))

Green View Village: Five new bungalows,and what looks like will be a big, new ‘MaxiMart,’ are being built at the junction of the main road and the road to Green View Resort on the east end of Koh Mak (#53 on our map).  The bungalows were done and available at the end of last season.  Not sure when the market will be complete; it has a ways to go.  

Mak Resort: it does not look like the new Mak Resort, located on the north shore next to the new Little Moon Villas (#55 on our map), will be completed this season.  This is a big new resort with bungalows terraced down the hillside to a small beach area.  

They have also building what looks like an employee housing area off the main road, and they have a garden facility over near Koh Mak Resort.

Mak Resort (#55 on our map)

Little Moon Villas: construction of the new Little Moon Villas (#56 on our map) is progressing nicely.  Like the new Mak Resort just next door, the Little Moon bungalows are terraced down the hillside to what, we are told, will be a pool, restaurant, bar and beach area.  Our guess is that it will not be ready this season.

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