Koh Mak 2019-2020: More, more… more (Part 2 – Hidden Beach, HaNoi House & Mira Montra)

Hidden Beach Resort: is a new, small bungalow property nestled in the trees along the south shore of Koh Mak west of Big Easy Resort near Maruey Beach Bungalows (#12 on our map).  The bungalows and facilities are designed by Joey, owner of Joe’s Corner, who is also an owner at Hidden  Beach.  While there is still much to do, Joey hopes and plans to be open this season.  

Mira Montra Resort: has nearly completed work on six new big two-story buildings which overlook the resort’s first phase, and which look to contain four units each (#10 on our map).  The six new buildings are connected to the resort via steps and a concrete drive.

HaNoi House Bungalows: Noi’s new high density road front development is located on the hill below Thaidaho Vista, opposite Mam’s Kitchen and Koh Mak Disc Golf (#21 on our map).  She is building a combination of five bungalows units and seven or eight rooms in a two-story hotel-style building.

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