Title: Taking Flight - pen & watercolor on canvas

Pen and Watercolor original painting by Sarisa 'Kat' Chanthong

Title: Taking Flight

Original: 36” x 12″ Pen & Watercolor on Canvas, painted with permission from a photo taken by Josh Myers of Trekking Photography.  Original is not available for purchase.  

Purchase Options:  Kat’s Taking Flight is available as a signed high quality ready-to-hang Artist’s Print on Canvas.  The 36″ x 12″ Artist’s Print is $145.  The cost of other sizes (larger or smaller) depends on the size.  Please use this message form to tell us what size you want, and we’ll reply promptly with the cost & payment options.  

This image is also available as a Postcard or Note Card, and you may use this message form to ask about these options, as well.  Finally, Taking Flight can be rendered onto various other products such as t-shirts, tote bags, or jigsaw puzzles via Kat’s Online POD Store.  

We like to do business the old fashioned way, so please Contact Kat directly, or use this message form to tell us what you’re interested in.  We’ll reply promptly with all the details and options.  Thank you!