Say ‘NO’ to Plastic!

Thaidaho Vista uses NO disposable plastic single service items.  Everything at Vista is served using washable glass & ceramic plates, glasses, cups and silverware.  Stainless steel and glass straws are used instead of plastic.

Thaidaho Vista sells NO disposable water bottles.  Instead, RO drinking water is made onsite and available to guests & customers for free.

Thaidaho Vista uses only biodegradable trash bags, and biodegradable bagasse left-over containers.  We do not sell food or drinks in disposable carry out containers.  Nor do we accept use of plastic bags; we do all our shopping on the island using only cloth & hemp reusable shopping bags, which we also provide free of charge for guest use.

                                Dark Skies Initiative

Thaidaho Vista is completely Dark Skies compliant, and is a supporting member of the IDA: the International Dark Sky Alliance.  Learn more, here:

All outside building lights are downward facing, installed under roof eves and operated on timers–on at dusk, off at 10pm.  Walkway lights are solar and downward facing.  Solar motion-activated safety lights are installed above guest doors, in the guest kitchen and parking area.  

                                        Local Food

At Thaidaho Vista, we grow organic mangoes, papaya, limes and various herbs onsite, all fertilized with scraps from our kitchen and used coffee grounds from the Vista Coffee Shop.  

When available, we purchase and use locally grown island pineapples and bananas.  

Kat’s Vista Coffee Shop serves the only Norther Thai ‘Through-the-Fence’ coffee beans on the island, all purchased directly from Thai farmers near Chiang Mai with no middlemen or brokers.

         Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose & Recycle

At Thaidaho Vista, we strive to reduce waste from our guesthouse and cafe.  We also sort and recycle all glass, Aluminum cans, cardboard and plastic containers.  Recycling Bins are located along the street-facing front wall of the Cafe.  We give all of our sorted recycling to Uncle Wen free of charge, in support of his island-wide recycling efforts.

       Miscellaneous Environmental Initiatives

No Burning: At Thaidaho Vista, we never burn any trash or yard waste.

Reusable Shopping Bags: are available for guests in the Guest Kitchen. 

Onsite Sewage Disposal: no hidden pipes to the ocean or hillside!   

Local Transportation: island taxis are used for all guest transport, and anything else that will not fit in our lone 125cc Yamaha scooter with homemade trailer.