Nearby Islands

Photo of Kat on Koh Kham, owner of Thaidaho Vista ResortResort, on

                            Koh Kham

Koh Kham is perhaps the nicest white sand beach to be found on any of the Koh Chang Archipelago’s 53 islands!  Lots of sand, lots of shade, beach chairs and swings, crystal clear water, lots of little fish nibbling at your skin, and no sand flies!  What’s not to like?  Well, because it is a private island, they now charge a landing fee to visit.  But, then, if you’re on vacation, who cares… right? 

You can rent a kayak at Seavana Resort, Koh Mak Resort or Thai Sabai Bar and paddle out in 25 minutes.  Or Koh Mak Resort, Thai Sabai Bar and Cococape Resort all operate motor boats to the island.  

If you are visiting Koh Mak, don’t miss Koh Kham.

                      Koh Rayang Nok

Another beautiful beach on a nearby island just off the south side of Koh Mak.  Again, one can rent a kayak from any of the resorts along the main stretch of Ao Kao and paddle out to Koh Rayang Nok in about 25 minutes, or you can arrange a motor boat ride from one of the nearby resorts. 

Just like Koh Kham, Koh Rayang Nok is a privately owned island and they will collect a landing fee to visit.  

                             Koh Kradat

Located just off the east end of Koh Mak, Koh Kradat is best known for its miniature deer population.  The deer, originally a gift from King Rama V in the late 1800’s (I think!), have become so domesticated one can feed them by hand.  

There are a couple of very nice beaches on Koh Kradat, in particular along the east side, and the island can be easily reached by kayak or long-tail boat.  

Koh Kradat is privately owned, and they will collect a landing or entry fee.  But included in the fee is a short tractor ride across the island, intended for spotting deer.  

If you are visiting Koh Mak with small children, Koh Kradat will be an easy, fun, and memorable day-trip.

                              Koh Pii

Located just off the northwest shore of Koh Mak, opposite Ao Lom, lies Koh Pii.  Koh Pii is a tiny uninhabited rock outcropping with no beaches to speak of, but its ‘claim to fame’ is good snorkeling!  

One can rent a kayak from any of the resorts along Ao Suan Yai and paddle out to Koh Pii in 25 minutes or less.  One can also arrange for a motor boat to take you out to the island for a couple of hours of snorkeling.  Aside from generally good snorkeling around Koh Pii, it is one of the few close-in places a snorkeler might see some large pelagic fish or even a turtle.

When snorkeling around Koh Pii, there are lots of sea urchins, so be particularly aware of the tides.  One does not want to get caught in shallow water over lots of urchins when the tide goes out!

                             Koh Wai

Koh Wai is about a 12km speedboat ride from Koh Mak.  If you take the Bang Bao Slow Wooden Boat between Koh Chang and Koh Mak, you will most likely stop at Koh Wai.  With just three or four small rustic bungalow operations, and only part time electricity from gas generators, Koh Wai is VERY quiet.  But the beaches are beautiful, the water is exceedingly clear, and GREAT snorkeling abounds!