Rules & Policies

Thaidaho Victor B&B is a small and unique RESERVATION ONLY ‘glamping’ site in Teton Valley.  Open seasonally from June through September, we have just one private glampsite for one or two guests.  If you have your own camping gear, then the maximum camping occupancy is four (4) total guests at no additional cost.

All rates shown on our Reservations Page are based on a ‘Two Night Minimum’ stay.  A 50% surcharge will be added for a One Night Reservations.  Check In is any time between 8am and 6pm on your date of arrival; Check Out any time before 4pm on your date of departure.  All Check Ins must arrive before 8pm.  

We have limited parking for just one passenger car or truck, or two bicycles or QUIET motorcycles.  We do not have room for trailers or large RVs, nor do we have RV hookups or a sanitary dump.

No smoking or vaping is allowed anywhere inside or outside at Thaidaho Victor B&B.  We do not have a ‘smoking area’ anywhere on the property.  

Thaidaho Victor B&B is our home and we don’t smoke.  If you or anyone in your group smokes, you will feel be more comfortable and welcomed staying somewhere that allows smoking.  When you stay with us, you’re  staying as guests and we don’t allow smoking.  Thank you for your  understanding and consideration. 

                                 No EXCESSIVELY LOUD Vehicles

No, loud pipes DON’T save lives, nor are they commiserate with peaceful and quiet camping.  What’s excessive?  Basically, if we can hear you arrive from inside our house before you knock on the door, then your vehicle is too loud.  

Thaidaho Victor B&B is located at the end of a quiet and PRIVATE subdivision road.  It is not a public street.  Our peace and quiet—and that of our neighbors—is our overriding concern.  Please understand and respect our wishes in this regard.

Our Cancellation Policy is simple: If you cancel your reservation 30 or more days in advance, we will return via PayPal your entire reservation deposit (less any PayPal fees).  If you cancel less than 30 days in advance, we will endeavor to re-rent the campsite.  We will return your reservation deposit via PayPal (less any PayPal fees) for each night of your reservation that we are able to re-rent the campsite.  Your deposit will be forfeited for each night of your reservation that the campsite is not re-rented and goes empty.

Contact us at

Reservations: for the campsite at Thaidaho Victor B&B can be booked directly with us (via Email), or via the AirBnB website.  Our rates are the same on both websites, which means booking directly with us will be a little cheaper because you won’t pay the AirBnB booking fees.  But either website is fine, and AirBnB does provide some nice customer guarantees.

If you do book with us directly, we’ll send you a PayPal email invoice for a 50% Reservation Deposit.  You may pay this Reservation Deposit with your PayPal account (if you have one!), or with any credit card.  The balance of your stay will be due at Check In.  Any additional costs incurred during your stay will be due in full at Check Out (cash or PayPal).  For record keeping purposes, all invoicing will be done via PayPal.


Thaidaho Victor B&B will be clean and ready when you arrive.  But that said, Thaidaho Victor B&B is still a camping experience—not a motel.  While our tiny and comfortable sleeping cabin is fully enclosed from the weather, and has both a heater and a fan; the toilet and shower—while covered—are outdoors and open to the weather.  Come prepared for camping in the high-mountain climate of the Tetons.  

We do not provide interim room cleanings during your stay.  We are, however, happy to provide you with fresh towels and toilet supplies at any time—for no additional cost.  

We will provide long-stay guests (i.e. 6 nights or more) with a fresh change of bedding & towels every three to five days, depending on your length of stay.


                                 B&B Breakfast (optional)

Optionally—and for additional cost—guests may request ‘cooked-to-order’ hot breakfasts from the Thaidaho Victor B&B Menu.  Breakfast can be served at any time between 8am and 11am.  Menus are available in the sleeping cabin, and via Email.  Breakfast for the following day must to be arranged on-site and in-person before 6pm of the current day.